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Acadia’s mission
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Our Vision
Hancock and Washington Counties are home to diverse, vibrant communities where healthful resources are available and people work together for the common good.
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Who We Are & What We Do

Healthy Acadia empowers people and organizations to build healthy, vibrant communities where people thrive and healthful resources are easily accessible. We are a non-profit community health coalition that works with citizens and more than 100 local, state and national partners to advance public health through collaboration, education and policy development. Our area of service is the Downeast-Acadia region of Maine, which includes Hancock and Washington counties. 

At Healthy Acadia, we are dedicated to making it easier for people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

We create lasting improvements to the health of our communities by connecting individuals with health supports, building partnerships, coordinating education and prevention services, and improving policies and environments.

We achieve our mission by:

  •   Assessing community health needs, assets & opportunities

  •   Informing, educating and empowering citizens, organizations and communities

  •   Mobilizing partnerships to improve public health

  •   Delivering evidence-based programs and services

  •   Linking partners with resources (information, grants and technical assistance)

  •   Coordinating with local, regional and national public health entities 

Learn more about Healthy Acadia’s many health initiatives here, and find out ways to get involved in a wide variety of collaborative efforts.


Healthy Acadia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community health organization working to  address critical, locally defined health priorities We rely on both private and public funding sources to bring about lasting change in Hancock and Washington counties.

You've Got a Friend!

Applications are now being accepted for the new,“You’ve Got a Friend Fund” which provides mini-grants to individuals across Hancock County to help overcome specific hurdles or setbacks and accomplish goals in order to reach greater self-sufficiency and quality of life.

Learn more here.

Download application here.

Helping seniors in need

Our neighbor4neighbor fund provides mini-grants to seniors in need.  Learn more here.

Download application here