Our Mission We empower people and organizations to build healthy communities.
Our Vision Hancock and Washington Counties are home to diverse, vibrant communities where healthful resources are available and people work together for the common good.

Community Health Connects Us All

Healthy Acadia works on a broad range of community health initiatives that help Hancock and Washington Counties to thrive. Since 2001, we have convened and facilitated numerous collaborative community efforts with shared leadership from many sectors. Highlights of our accomplishments include:

  • New Farmers’ Markets providing access to fresh vegetables
  • Tobacco-free playgrounds, tobacco-free basketball courts and tobacco-free parks
  • New sidewalks and trail enhancements providing safe routes to school
  • Community and school gardens increasing access to fresh, healthy foods
  • A community kitchen serving hot meals to seniors and disabled citizens
  • A network of 12 food pantries providing nutrition education and access to healthier foods for food-insecure families
  • 25 schools purchasing fresh foods from local growers enhancing nutritional quality in thousands of meals
  • Several hundred units of smoke-free public housing providing safe, affordable dwellings for community members experiencing low-income
  • Development of healthy food policies for childcare centers and after-school programs
  • Expansion of the Early Childhood Consultation and Outreach Program or ECCO, into Hancock County
  • Development and implementation of the Downeast Cancer Patient Navigator Program in Washington County

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Annual Reports

FY2018 Annual Report (PDF)

Our Financials

FY2018 Healthy Acadia Financial Statement with Independent Audit Report

Healthy Acadia FY2018 IRS Form 990 (PDF)


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