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Hub of Bar Harbor & Healthy Acadia Announce Worksite Wellness Opportunity for Bar Harbor Small Businesses
April 12, 2013

The Hub of Bar Harbor and Healthy Acadia are excited to announce the opportunity for Bar Harbor small businesses to participate in a community-based worksite wellness program.

The Hub of Bar Harbor is a citizen-led organization committed to the betterment of downtown Bar Harbor as an economic engine and as a center of community pride. The Hub of Bar Harbor has partnered with Healthy Acadia, a Healthy Maine Partnership and community health coalition serving Hancock and Washington Counties, to coordinate a worksite wellness program for the town’s small businesses.

The Hub of Bar Harbor and Healthy Acadia are currently seeking businesses to participate in the worksite wellness program, called “Healthy Maine Streets.”

“We are excited to be able to offer this excellent program to our small businesses,” stated Chris Vincenty, owner of Reel Pizza and Chair of the Hub of Bar Harbor. “Worksite wellness programs can have a significant positive impact for businesses and the community as a whole. Worksite wellness helps employees to be healthier, more focused and more productive, and it helps to build a healthier town and a more desirable place to live and work.”

Businesses who participate in Bar Harbor’s “Healthy Maine Streets” worksite wellness program will receive training and technical assistance to implement worksite wellness projects that they select. They will also receive seed funding for their wellness projects and can help decide how related grant funds should be used to best serve the community. Additionally, businesses have the potential to be eligible for a State of Maine tax credit in 2014.

“We encourage all interested small businesses to contact us if they would like to participate or to get more information,” stated Maria Donahue, Community Health Director at Healthy Acadia and Chair of the Hub’s Wellness Committee. “The requirements for participation are very reasonable, and the benefits of implementing worksite wellness are numerous. These businesses will be wellness leaders, making a positive difference for their employees, their business, and the community.”

In order to participate in the program, businesses must be in downtown Bar Harbor, with 20 or fewer employees. The business must identify an employee to be a “Wellness Champion,” and all employees of the business will fill out a brief health needs and interest survey. The employer will receive training to conduct an organizational health assessment, develop a workplan, and implement selected wellness strategies, with technical assistance and support from the Hub’s Wellness Committee and Healthy Maine Streets all along the way.

“Healthy Maine Streets” is a project of the Maine Development Foundation, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help selected downtowns develop effective, community-based worksite wellness programs for small businesses.

“Bar Harbor was lucky to be selected by the Maine Development Foundation as one of the partnering downtowns,” stated Erica Brooks, Broker at Swan Agency and Treasurer of the Hub of Bar Harbor. “Thanks to this grant we have a timely opportunity to support the health of our businesses and region through worksite wellness.”

Any business interested in participating in the Hub of Bar Harbor’s worksite wellness program should contact Maria Donahue at or 667-7171. For more information about the Hub of Bar Harbor, visit: