Worksite Wellness

Creating a healthy work environment involves developing environments, policies and programs that promote health and reduce employees’ health risk factors, benefiting both the employee and the employer. Developing effective worksite wellness programs is good for business, reduces absences, boosts productivity, and improves overall performance. Healthy Acadia can be a great starting point for your business if you’re considering starting a wellness program. 

These tools can help you to get started today: 

Healthy Maine Works
Tobacco Free Worksites

Healthy Maine Works

Healthy Maine Works is an on-line tool to support businesses in developing worksite wellness programs. Healthy Maine Works is designed to guide businesses through an assessment process that gathers both business and employee health and interest information. The information gathered from the assessment provides the foundation for implementing sustainable wellness programs that work for all.

What Healthy Maine Works offers:

  • Worksite environment inventory. We’ll help you identify what changes you can make in order to improve the health of your workplace.
  • Health Risk Assessments – employees complete a survey of questions which will help your team to create programming that is most beneficial for your employees’ health needs.

For more information, contact:

Hancock County: Maria Donahue at

Washington County: Angela Fochesato at

Tobacco Worksite Policies

Maine State Law requires that every employer must have a written tobacco policy in the workplace. Healthy Acadia can provide technical assistance and resources to help draft your worksite tobacco policy. Additionally, if you are interested in reducing tobacco-use and increasing tobacco-free spaces in your work vicinity, we can provide technical assistance and support for such efforts.


For more information, contact:
Hancock County: Sarra Bridges:

Washington County: Georgie Kendall:

Workplaces across Downeast Acadia abound with environments, policies, and programs that support the health and wellbeing of staff, and benefit their bottom line.
Healthy Acadia uses Healthy Maine Works tools and materials to support businesses in developing worksite wellness programs.