Staff and Contacts

Denise Black

Recovery Supports Manager 
CCAR Authorized Recovery Coach & Ethics Trainer

Denise serves as Recovery Supports Program Manager in Hancock County and is a CCAR Authorized Recovery Coach and Ethics trainer. She works to build robust addiction recovery support systems locally and across eastern Maine. Denise has been a leader in efforts to improve community health  for more than fifteen years, serving as community health coordinator and director for the Blue Hill-based Healthy Peninsula program from 2008 until 2014, when she joined Healthy Acadia as coordinator of our Drug Free Communities initiative to deepen collaboration within communities to reduce substance use in Hancock county through education.

Denise's extensive professional and personal experience spurred her transition to recovery work in April 2018. Denise is passionate about building healthier communities and multiple pathways to recovery for all.  

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Tracey Carlson

Communications Director

Tracey disseminates information about Healthy Acadia's initiatives, programming and community events to the media, health providers, donors and the general public. Tracey's work includes development and review of publications and community outreach materials, promotion of public health awareness campaigns and initiatives, coordination of radio/television interviews and event coverage, and producing engaging content for print and web through various media channels, including social media networks, newspaper, radio, television, and Healthy Acadia's e-newsletter and website.

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Cyd Collins


Cyd provides bookkeeping services and assists with accounts receivable/payable services across Healthy Acadia's program areas.

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Julie Daigle

Community Health Coordinator - Hancock County

Julie provides obesity and tobacco use prevention services, as well as mindfulness programming, in Hancock County. Partnering with childcare centers, schools, and communities, she works to incorporate evidence-based strategies for preventing obesity, with a focus on the importance of establishing healthy habits beginning in childhood. Julie's efforts are supported through Let’s Go 5210.

Julie also works with various community sectors to develop policies that promote tobacco-free communities, including municipalities, youth-serving organizations, schools, behavioral health and social service agencies, hospitals, vet and other pet welfare agencies, career and trade schools, and local colleges and universities. She provides resources to homeowners, property managers and lodging facilities to develop smoke-free policies and increase awareness about the importance of healthy homes. 

Julie promotes the use of the Maine Tobacco HelpLine as an excellent resource to support people in the quitting process, and provides tobacco treatment facilitation for smoking cessation groups.

In addition, she provides tai chi, yoga nidra, and other mindfulness programming to support the prevention of chronic disease and provide positive mental health resources for all members of the community, from those with physical and mental life challenges to a more general audience of all ages.

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Maria Donahue, MPH, MSW

Community Health Director

Maria provides leadership for collaborative health promotion and disease prevention programs across Hancock County. Maria’s work includes promotion of active community environments, school health, healthy environments, lead poisoning prevention, tobacco-free communities, substance use prevention, positive child & youth development. Maria sustains high-impact collaborative relationships with partner organizations, volunteers and consultants, and she directs program development, implementation and evaluation. Maria also supports grant writing, as well as budget and contract management.

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Rachel Emus

Food Programs Coordinator

Rachel coordinates a variety of food programs that help to increase food security and access to healthy foods for all, including the Hancock County Gleaning Initiative, MDI FarmDrop, the Hancock County Food Drive, and Senior Farm Share Program. Rachel is committed to supporting local farms while increasing access to healthy food in a role that combines her passions for healthy communities and sustainable food systems.

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Elsie Flemings

Executive Director


Elsie is responsible for building and sustaining a highly effective and comprehensive community health coalition by empowering community participation, good governance, staff leadership, resource development and sound fiscal management. She ensures that Healthy Acadia is responsive and adaptive to local community health needs and priorities, while assuring effective communication and coordination with federal, state and local community and public health partners. Elsie's responsibilities include overall leadership of Healthy Acadia, community mobilization, program management, financial management, ambassadorship, and resource development.

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Angela Fochesato

Community Health Program Manager - Washington County

Cancer Patient Navigator

Angela serves as a Cancer Patient Navigator for Washington County and provides program management for collaborative health promotion and disease prevention programs across Washington County. Angela’s work includes promotion of healthful resources in schools, workplaces, social service agencies, health care providers and other venues. Her focus areas include worksite wellness, healthy lifestyles and chronic disease prevention and management. Angela sustains high-impact collaborative relationships with partner organizations, volunteers and consultants, and she supports program development, implementation and evaluation. Angela also coordinates and leads  Healthy Acadia's Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Change Programs.  

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Katie Freedman

Food Programs Director

Katie provides leadership in areas related to community food security, public health nutrition, local foods procurement, community gardening, and supporting farms and farmers’ markets. Katie coordinates the Downeast Farm to School Program, providing leadership together with Washington County-based program staff to connect schools with farms across Hancock and Washington Counties, and Healthy Acadia’s Food for All initiatives, working to provide citizens of all ages with access to fresh and affordable food regardless of income.

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Regina Grabrovac

Food Programs Manager - Washington County

Regina coordinates Downeast Gleaning Initiative in Washington County, including various community and food bank gardening efforts. She convenes the Community Food Council as well as various food security and food system efforts.

Regina serves as the Downeast District Representative for the Maine Farm to School Network and oversees the county's farm to school program, connecting schools with resources to build and maintain school gardens and greenhouses, taste testing and cooking classes, locating farm fresh produce and local apple cultivation and cider pressing workshops. Regina also supervises AmeriCorps Service Members. Regina has extensive agricultural experience, including operation of two CSA farms in Maine and inspection of hundreds of farms for organic certification for state and international agencies. When not at work, she can be found at home and with her family, growing and raising food for the year.

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Penny Guisinger

Community Health Program Manager

Penny oversees the daily functions and coordination of activities that support a three-year Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Expansion Project in Downeast Maine. The project, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and led by Healthy Acadia in collaboration with the Downeast Substance Treatment Network and Downeast Substance Use Response Coalition, aims to profoundly expand and enhance direct MAT services and recovery supports to underserved individuals, including those who are incarcerated, and who are uninsured and/or underinsured, throughout our region.

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Ursula Hanson

Early Childhood Consultation and Outreach (ECCO) Consultant

Ursula serves as an Early Childhood Consultation and Outreach (ECCO) Consultant for Hancock County.  She offers services of an early childhood expert to educators, child care staff and parents in order to develop effective strengths-based strategies and plans that support children’s success across environments. Ursula works with child care providers, Head Start centers, pre-schools, early elementary classrooms, and in homes with parents and foster parents and can provide support for an individual child or for groups of children. Through ECCO, Ursula responds to the unmet needs of at-risk children and changes outcomes for children in Hancock County.  

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Sandy Johnson

Finance Director


Sandy provides leadership in several areas of financial management, human resources, and general office and information management. Sandy keeps our accounts balanced and our office systems in tip top shape, and she assures our efficient, accountable and transparent use of public and private resources. Sandy comes to Healthy Acadia with a wealth of experience, including 15 years in corporate finance and 12 years as the owner and operator of a Bed and Breakfast in in Southwest Harbor, Maine. Sandy has a Master's Degree in Accounting.

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Georgie Kendall

Community Health Coordinator - Washington County

Georgie coordinates obesity prevention, tobacco prevention, and tobacco cessation programming and services in Washington County. Partnering with childcare centers, schools, and communities, she works to incorporate evidence-based strategies for preventing obesity, with a focus on the importance of establishing healthy habits beginning in childhood. Georgie's efforts are supported through Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 a partnership among Healthy Acadia, Maine Health and regional hospitals aimed at improving the health of Maine youth and families in Hancock and Washington counties.

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Debra Matteson

Recovery Supports Coordinator 

Debra provides support for our Recovery Coach Program in Hancock County. She collaborates with local volunteers and partners across a variety of settings to help build a recovery-ready community. Debra works to grow and strengthen the program and to encourage collaborative community engagement to help those who are seeking recovery. She provides ongoing support, continuing education, and program coordination for recovery coaches and actively recruits new volunteers to grow the program to meet the needs of the communities of Hancock County. 

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Sara McConnell

Nutrition Education Coordinator - Washington County

Sara provides coordination for nutrition education and obesity prevention initiatives in accordance with USDA SNAP-Ed guidelines. She sustains and develops collaborative partnerships with diverse community entities to assist in improvement of physical activity and nutrition education policies and practices. Sara works with USDA-approved nutrition education curricula to help SNAP eligible households gain knowledge and skills to eat healthfully on a limited budget.

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Gabriel O'Brien

Community Health Coordinator

Youth Engagement

Gabe serves as Youth Engagement Coordinator, supporting youth-led and youth-serving programming that builds young people's resilience and strengthens youth leadership on issues of public health, restorative practices, and social justice. With support from the Maine Youth Action Network (MYAN), Gabe convenes the Downeast Youth Action Team and works with teen groups in area schools to create positive change in their communities. He also coordinates the SideKicks tobacco prevention program, working with youth across Hancock and Washington counties to interested in serving as peer motivators for tobacco prevention. 

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Mia Petrini

Community Health Coordinator

Hancock County

Mia fosters collaborative partnerships and delivers health promotion programs that prevent tobacco use, substance misuse and addiction, with a focus on youth and young adults. She provides community outreach, education and promotion of tobacco and substance use prevention resources for schools, municipalities, social service agencies, health care providers and other venues across Hancock County. Mia delivers evidence-informed prevention lessons for schools and communities and promotes awareness campaigns and environmental strategies to reduce access to substances, including alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, and opioids across all venues.

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Mary Kay Roukas

Operations and Human Resources Director

Mary Kay provides leadership and coordination of Healthy Acadia’s operations and human resources activities. She manages employee payroll and benefit systems, supports office-based administrative personnel, develops organizational and staff wellness policies and works to support and improve systems to enable our team to work most effectively and efficiently across Healthy Acadia’s three offices (Ellsworth, Machias, and Calais). Mary Kay also helps to manage technology systems and supports IT personnel and consultants.

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Shoshona Smith

Development Director

Shoshona is responsible for coordinating efforts related to organizational and programmatic capacity building, event fundraising, donor cultivation, and capital campaigns. She is passionate about generating diverse, sustainable funding streams for Healthy Acadia's important work, developing and strengthening community partnerships across Healthy Acadia's service areas.

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Sonia Turanski

RecoveryCorps Program Director

Sonia oversees the daily functions and coordination of activities that support our Maine RecoveryCorps AmeriCorps Project. Maine RecoveryCorps expands coaching services for those seeking recovery from addiction, providing training and support for 30 or more full- and part-time coaches serving through community organizations in Aroostook, Hancock, Kennebec, Knox, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Waldo, and Washington counties.

Through the structure of AmeriCorps, RecoveryCorps coaches support individuals at various points along on their recovery path and in various settings, including in the community, at healthcare sites, in jail, in treatment programs, and more.

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Jada Wensman

Nutrition Education Coordinator - Hancock County

Jada provides coordination for nutrition education and obesity prevention initiatives across Hancock County in accordance with USDA SNAP-Ed guidelines. She sustains and develops collaborative partnerships with diverse community entities to assist in the improvement of physical activity and nutrition education policies and practices. Jada works with USDA-approved nutrition education curricula to help SNAP-eligible households gain knowledge and skills to eat healthfully on a limited budget.

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Terri Woodruff

Community Health Program Manager  - Washington County

Terri provides direction and management for substance use prevention and recovery services and programming, and DownEast Teen Leadership Camp. Terri’s work includes management of the Recovery Coach Program in Washington County, as well as development, implementation and evaluation of substance use prevention, positive social youth development programs and activities.  Terri sustains strong collaborative relationships with partner organizations, volunteers and consultants, including the Underage Drinking Task Force, the Partnership for Success Coalition, Washington County Community Action Team, and local school health programs.  

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Tara Young

Drug Free Communities Program Coordinator  - Hancock County

Tara coordinates the implementation of evidence-based strategies to effectively promote health and positive social development and prevent substance misuse. She serves as an information resource for the Drug Free Communities Coalition and the community and fosters collaborative partnerships with local partners to reach program goals. Tara works with area schools, businesses, health care providers, and other non-profits to mobilize collective action resulting in policy and environmental supports that foster community resiliency and prevent substance misuse and addiction, including tobacco and illegal drug use, as well as alcohol and prescription drug misuse.

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Nina Zeldin

Community Outreach Coordinator

Chronic Disease Prevention, Health Promotion

Nina provides support for multiple aspects of Healthy Acadia's work, including coordination and delivery of health promotion and disease prevention programs, community outreach, and program development. Nina coordinates and facilitates trainings for community members and service providers across Hancock County on a variety of health topics, such as "Tai Chi for Health", "Taking Action for Health”, “Taking Action on Pain”, and promotion of the National Library of Medicine's public health resources. Nina also administrates the You’ve Got a Friend and neighbor4neighbor grant programs. Contact Nina by email at

Maine RecoveryCorps Coaches

Hancock and Washington counties

Maine RecoveryCorps, an AmeriCorps program housed at Healthy Acadia, expands recovery coaching in Maine by training and supporting individuals to become recovery coaches through the structure of AmeriCorps, including high-quality professional training, service benefits, and ongoing programmatic support. Individuals become trained to serve as recovery coaches at a full-time or part-time level for a year or more.

The Maine RecoveryCorps AmeriCorps program is focused on addressing the substance use disorder crisis in Maine, with an emphasis on opioid use disorders. Learn more about Maine RecoveryCorps here.

Paige Boynton

Hancock County

Tracy Crossman

Downeast Project HOPE - Ellsworth Police Department

Carmen Feeney-Alley

Washington County